Production of corporate board games.

Can I order production of a branded board game for our company?

Yes, you can. There are several options: developing a unique game (like we did for Toyota and and the Government of Moscow), the development of the mechanics required by the concept, an adaptation of the western mechanics (game for TV channel Friday), or branding the box and components.

Does Mosigra have its own production facilities?

Yes, we produce games in-house. We have our own Magellan production facility in the Moscow Region. 95% of corporate board games are manufactured there.

Okay, I need the game tomorrow. Can you do it urgently?

Yes, we can, but not that fast. Call Ekaterina on +7(926) 522-19-31 for details.

What are corporate board games usually ordered for?

  • 1.As gifts to employees for New Year, the company anniversary, and other corporate events. Employees love to receive good games — unlike traditional corporate gifts, they are fun and do not gather dust on the shelf.
  • 2.As gifts to business contacts, in particular journalists or bloggers after events, or to send out at New Year. Original and relatively inexpensive gifts are very cool.
  • 3.For training purposes: games can include a lot of information about a product or company values.
  • 4.BTL campaigns as a gift to clients.

How is a game developed?

Developing a game with unique mechanics specifically for your company is justified for a run of 200 or more units. Developing game mechanics takes one month, not including approvals, and layouts can be done in parallel. Printing and assembly take at least 4 weeks. In total, it takes 2-3 months from contacting us to shipment of the boxes containing your game, if the approvals are fast.


The run of this game was over 4,000 units, and the game was developed completely from scratch. In Waku-Doki, players compete in challenges (who can jump highest, who can answer the question, and so on), answer quiz questions (in this case, the questions were about Toyota and were educational), and simply do crazy things. The game is largely focused on the company’s corporate values.

How does the process work?

There are two main stages — development and production.

Development begins by choosing the mechanics of the game: either branding of a famous game or development from scratch. Usually, if the run is small and you need the game fast, we brand the box, rules and cards. If the run is large and the game solves special tasks – or you need a very cool gift – we develop it from scratch. Design is part of the development: we can use your design for the box or draw everything from scratch for a new or existing game. The cost of development depends upon the workload. Our experience of past projects shows that in-depth branding costs about 100,000 RUB, development of a new game from scratch — from 300,000 to 700,000 rubles. You can see prototypes of the game at every step, something that is essential for products intended for retail.

The production is easier. Printing, casting, cutting and assembly. The price is based on the box, and as the run increases, the price per unit falls dramatically. The cost depends on the type of game and its components – the cheapest games consist of cards, a box and instructions; more expensive games also include wood, plastic, metal and complex details.

The total cost of one unit is made up of the development cost and the production cost divided by the size of the run. Accordingly, if you are considering a run of several thousand or tens of thousands of units, it is exciting to develop custom game mechanics for your company. For small runs, it is clearly better to use our ready licenses.

Once again: large runs rock! Small runs cost a lot per box.

How do you brand an existing game with modified mechanics?

We take one of the most popular games in Russia and modify it in accordance with the requirements of the project. For example, for the game Boom, where you need to explain characters with words, gestures and associations, we added a special set of cards for a medical company with terms managers needed to know. The games, which we have full rights to, are modified according to the requirements. Other games can be modified with a dust cover.

Does it take long?

It is usually faster than developing a game — the average project duration is 30 days, not including approvals. Production takes the same amount of time (in the case of branded components), so in total — at least 2 months. Economically justified runs are from 500 to 15,000 units. Here are some examples of these kinds of projects:

«Boom Epson»

The cards, rules and other components of the game are branded, and the mechanics may be also modified. In this case, additional cards are included. The examples are of runs of a few thousand units.

Can you just put a logo on the box?

Yes, this is the fastest and cheapest way. The box, backs of cards, cover of the rules and other components can be easily branded. Here is an example for the game Mafia:


Runs are from 300 to 5000 units

What are all the things you can do with a game?

  • Dust jacket for any game in our selection (quick and easy).
  • Branded packaging.
  • Redesign of components without changing the properties
  • (for example, changing backs of cards).
  • Add a signature component (for example, a plus card in Mafia).
  • Change the mechanics according to your specifications (this is quite a long process).
  • Develop a brand new game “from scratch” for you.

Do you have some more examples?

Yes, here you go:


LibertEx – complete development of a game “from scratch” for a Forex Club. The task was to teach people to work with investment instruments, as well as using the game to help conduct internal training in the company. Currently, the second edition (several thousands units) is out, and is on sale in our stores.


The game for TV channel Friday is based on the mechanics of “Guess Who?”, sticking pieces of paper to players’ foreheads. It consists of multiple cards and plastic headbands with card holders. It is on sale in our stores and also sold in the TV channel’s online store.


This board game was developed to increase players’ knowledge of the history of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, VDNH, which was the largest agricultural exhibition in the USSR . The mechanics were developed from scratch.

Good stripes




Ответь за 5 секунд. Музыкальная

Авто.ру – Ответь за 5 секунд

Эврика Универсум ФОРС

Стартап Ланит


Создание игры на базе «Медведа». При этом одним из игровых компонентов является сам набор конфет. Тираж 50.000 штук использовался для промо-акций в России.

Сырок «День вождей»

Мы вложили настольную игру в коробку с сырками Б.Ю.Александров. Поле и фишки игроков напечатано с внутренней стороны коробки с сырками и вложен комплект из 6 карт с заданиями. Сырковое издание Дня вождей появилось в продаже в гипермаркетах в марте. Чем больше коробочек с сырками покупаешь, тем больше карт с новыми заданиями для игры!

How long has Mosigra been doing it?

We have been manufacturing corporate and branded games for 5 years now. Our portfolio includes about a hundred major projects. We come to our business meetings already with samples. We have our own production facilities in Podolsk. We know the specifics of corporate projects very well. We can produce games very fast, but this is not cheap.