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About licenses

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Mosigra owns the licenses to hundreds of board games. These are divided into three main categories:

  • – Our own exclusive development (perpetual worldwide license).
  • – Development of domestic authors (long-term worldwide license).
  • – License to publish foreign games in Russia (long-term local license).

We select the license package to include games that cover the widest possible market and ensure maximum sales. Because the Russian market is just developing, about 40% of licenses belong to the category of casual games, which are very accessible and allow group participation.


Jackal: Treasure Island

Jackal Deluxe


Kids go wild




Crocoparty Childeasy




Project Manhattan

Famous hardcore game based on managing a nuclear weapon development project in several countries at once. Favored by geeks for its varied gameplay and multiple subtle details. We also like it, since, as the rumor goes, Russians can make a weapon from anything.


Localization of the American hit game "Lifeboat", based on the film of the same name by Alfred Hitchcock. A game full of dark humor and intrigue that describes the adventures of six people saved from a sunken ship. With limited resources, players try to swim to shore – and get as many points as possible on the way.

Gold Mine

Famous game based on an underground treasure hunt. Turn-based tactics for a group of kids. Localized with adaptations of the setting in 2014 under the brand Jackal: Dungeon in Russia, and quickly became a bestseller, thanks to the continuation of the Jackal series.


Neuroshima Hex

Hit strategy game from Michael Oracz, probably known to every board game fan. Published in Russia without any additions. It was fiendishly difficult to translate all the rules and the names of the characters, but we managed it.


Memory development game: you need to remember orders. Adults like it – kids and waiters don’t. It’s like cod-liver oil: you play, and feel that it’s doing you good. In terms of developing your memory, you get drawn in little by little. A good training machine.



A simple game that tests reflexes. Catch the chameleon!

Merlin ZinZin

Bestseller, localized in Russia under the "Wizard of the Emerald City" brand (it’s like "The Wizard Of Oz" for you). A super-powerful combination of strong European co-operative game mechanics, Russian traditions and incredibly high-quality illustrations known to everyone over 25 in this country. Originally, we only just managed to produce it in time.



Excellent logic game with tangram mechanics. Quick to play and a favorite of kids and parents. Localized without changes in 2013 in Russia.


We really love this game, since it’s similar to the time-honored Russian "Mafia" (the ancestor of all "wolf among us" games). Localized in Russia with an add-on in the same box and bearing the caption: "Warning: May lead to overthrow of the regime".

Qwirkle Cards

Wits & Wagers

Classic quiz game with bets. Localized with a few changes for Russia – for example, specific questions about American culture that only Americans would know (rock stars, national dishes, etc.) were replaced with equivalent Russian ones in the second edition.

7 Ate 9

Simple, fast game for those who love counting. Overloads the brain.



We really like this game, because it can even be played without the box, just on sheets of paper. But the game sells, and sells fast. That’s why we love “Telestrations”.


After Hasbro had been publishing this game in Russia for a year, we obtained the license. We’ve been producing it since then.

Galaxy Trucker

Legendary game in Europe. Localized in Russia without any changes. No, we found an astronaut who had spent 184 days in orbit, but he said that building a ship out of sewer pipes was not worth it. At least we had shaken hands with a real astronaut though.

5 Second Rule

Simple, fast game that Russians have taken to beyond belief. Us too, considering how many games we have sold.

Hit the Deck

Uno-like game. That’s all you need to know about it.

Say anything

Pina Pirata

Primate Fear

Looks like a cat’s coffin. Bombards you with dark humor. Adults like it. Replaces Munchkin. Basically, run away from the MONKEEEEEY!




Space Alert

Goblins, Inc

Buck Buck Moose


Hive Carbon

Desert Island

Sewer pirates

Mouthguard challenge

Who’s the Dude

Super Circles


Good Cop Bad Cop

Hoot Owl Hoot

Race to the Treasure

Cauldron Quest

The Fairy Game

Mermaid Island

Stone Soup


Launch Pad

Thief’s Market

Memory palace


Dinosaur Escape