Magellan is a Russian manufacturer of games and gifts.

  • Strict selection of games for publishing.
  • Eye-catching appearance: games that attract attention.
  • Pleasant to touch and high-quality: from the first touch.
  • Absorbing: people buy one game and come again for others.

– You need a presentation?

Here it is.

– You need someone to produce corporate gifts?

Let’s go to the meeting room, it’s too loud in here with the printing press.

– You want to learn more about licenses?

Here they are in the warehouse.

Offer for independent publishers

– What is the input and output?

You bring a ready-to-print game (in any file format), we do the prepress, production of all the components and assembly. The result is fully packaged boxes, hot off the production line in pristine cellophane. Ready for sale.

– Does this mean distribution through Mosigra?

Not necessarily, but most projects are sold through Mosigra and other chains.

– Can you give some examples?

Sure: COUP (Perevorot), LibertEx, Glossolalia.

– Are there cheaper options?

Yes, you can find options that are 5-10% cheaper. But the experiences of multiple games (including Imaginarium, Ekivoki, 500 Malicious Cards, Z-Game and others) show it is better to do a high-quality game from the outset, otherwise there will be inconsistencies such as lack of certification, lack of required data on the box, and simple faults from poor execution (which almost everyone not producing and selling board games makes). Our price in the market and our games are 100% worth it.

– Who certifies games?

We do, you just sit back and enjoy life. For games made of wood, metal, plastic, cardboard or paper, we usually get an exemption letter (simple form of certification) in Russia. More complex games are certified.

Do you do crowdfunding?


  • – Do a complete calculation at the first stage.
  • – Conclude an agreement of intent for production, if you need it under the fundraising conditions.
  • – Help you raise some of the money, if the project is interesting.
  • – Produce everything to the highest quality for the price from the outset.
  • – Ensure distribution and delivery nationwide.


  • – Bring your finished game designs.
  • – Bring the money too.

At the end, we do the presale, manufacture and assembly of all components. A truckload of boxes.

Minimum run

We can do a run of any size, but the minimum cost-justified run in our opinion is 500 units for most projects. The recommended first run for game designers starting out is 1,000 units, and the recommended first run for war or military projects is 2,000 units.


Of course, we can just do part of your game. For example, we are good at cutting and painting wooden counters, molding plastic, and chopping cards with even edges and matching colors. We also do awesome boxes that you would even buy empty. But it is better to put everything we are good at inside them too.

Box made of thick, laminated cardboard with a flax texture

Cardboard or plastic tiles

Rules of paper and suffering

Box made of thick, laminated cardboard with a flax texture

Cardboard or plastic tiles

Rules of paper and suffering

Plastic coins with a very complex surface

Tin coins with alloy reinforcement

All sorts of plastic
bits and pieces

All sorts of cardboard
bits and pieces

Hourglass. Thin and beautiful, and works even after 3 years.

Various cardboard details

Cube with burnt-in design

Metal statuettes, including ones of prominent politicians. This is Cortez.

Small boxes with hanging packaging